What is Nursing School Like?

5 Things You Need to Know

You're going to be asked to learn A LOT of material. Become aware of your study habits and adapt them to maximize your information intake.

#1 Your Study Habits Will Need to Change

 When you don't fully understand the material, go beyond the textbook!  Go online, watch videos or get actual experience by volunteering or working.

#2 You're Going to Have
to Go Beyond the Textbook

 Nursing exams are designed to get you to think in a certain way. Build the ability to understand what is being asked of you and think like a nurse.

#3 Be Ready for Exams Like You've Never Taken Before

Being a beginner is really hard. You NEED a support system to get through it. Someone to check in with you and remind you how hard you're working and how far you've come. 

#4 Build a Support System

As a nursing novice,  you're figuring out a lot. Be patient with yourself and learn to be a confident beginner! 

#5 Be Patient With Yourself

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